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Wooden Face Watch

Wooden Face Watch

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 In the hushed whispers of time, there lies a treasure - a Sandalwood marvel that speaks to the hearts of men. Introducing the Wooden Face Watch, an emblem of nature's finest craftsmanship, a testament to the impeccable blend of art and functionality.

 As each second ticks by, the Japanese Quartz movement ensures unwavering precision, while the 45mm Sandalwood case cradles a story untold. The unique wood grain in each piece celebrates the authenticity of the giver's affection, as the hardened mineral crystal safeguards their love against the sands of time.

 Wrapped in a genuine black leather band, the watch embraces its wearer in a warm and tender embrace. The 10.24" (26cm) length and feather-light 1.1 oz weight offer a seamless fusion of style and comfort. Secured with a steadfast pin buckle, this token of love mirrors the unbreakable bond between souls.

 Designed for life's adventures, the Wooden Face Watch boasts an IPX-4 water resistance, ensuring cherished memories remain unblemished. With every glance, the receiver will be reminded of the joy and gratitude they felt when their eyes first met this masterpiece.

 In a world where moments fleet and time slips away, this Wooden Face Watch transcends the ephemeral, preserving memories for eternity. So, let it grace the wrist of that special someone, as they stride through life's milestones. For in this harmonious blend of nature and timekeeping, lies an everlasting symbol of love, gratitude, and the boundless connection shared between giver and receiver.  


 It ships in a gift box, so it can be sent directly to your lucky recipient.

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